Getting back at it

General / 22 October 2019

Been a while since I have done any sort of update or blogging, found that I have become super lazy when it comes to personal work. So I guess it's just fitting to dust off the blog with a fresh new project.

Recently I have been converted to switch to Blender, so if you know of some cool tutorials or articles I should read, please link them below, will definitely have a look!

Here are some quick renders of an upcoming project, decided to go with something other than a weapon, still lots to get done but somewhere it will get done






80 LVL: Thompson 1928

Making Of / 07 September 2018

Article I wrote for 80 LVL on the making of the 1928 Thompson

Have a great weekend! If there are any questions feel free to post them in the comment section

Fresh out the oven

Work In Progress / 06 August 2018

Got some time to finish the last bakes for the M4 project

Blue: 3 949 tris 1024x1024
Red: 9 946 tris 1024x1024

Grey: 20 8151 2048x2048

Now just on to the actual texturing

Great way to start the weekend!

Work In Progress / 27 July 2018

Finally got the bakes down for the accessories on the M4 project


ACOG RCO: 8 488 tri's 1024x1024

ACOG RCO Lens: 96 tri's 256x256
KAC Rear Sight: 3132 tri's 1024x1024

ACOG RCO High Poly



KAC Rear Sight High Poly

KAC Rear Sight Low Poly



M4A1 PewPew

Work In Progress / 18 July 2018

Quick update on the M4A1 project I'm busy with

HP almost done, just need some more cosmetics

M4A1 M203 RCO



Old Skool

General / 01 June 2018

Getting the rear irons down. USMC KAC 200-600m Micro

Always a first time for everything ;P

Work In Progress / 30 May 2018

Well, it is as the title says. For some reason, I have never had the opportunity to make an ACOG scope so I decided to make one. Decided to go with the USMC RGO, Trijicon ACOG 4x32 M150 (ta31rco-m150cp ACOG). C&C always welcome.

Feast your eyes below :D





Too subtle eh?...

General / 25 February 2018

In a brutal week with the flu and the occasional fever, I finally managed to get some base texturing done for the M24 project.

It has some wear to it but I find it to be maybe to subtle? No dirt and dust as of yet since I'm not done texturing. Im thinking of adding a nice desert camo paint over with a decent amount of damage. The whole idea is to make this feel like the rifle has been used quite a bit and has been used by multiple users. I want the textures to tell it's owner/s story.

So with that said, there is still quite a bit to be done, but I decided to share some WIP with you guys.

Texture file got corrupted :(

General / 15 January 2018

Spending hours trying to restore "accidentally" deleted files is a real nightmare. In the future ill make sure my files aren't corrupt before I delete the backups. Aw well this one is on me.

On the flip side. Here is a shot of the LP42 flare gun I had to make for a art test. For the test I had to only make the flare gun but I think for a personal project Ill add more accessories to it and then a flare casing.

2048px map | 8,818 tri's

The reference I used for the texturing

M24 Rifle WIP

General / 26 December 2017

M24 Rifle

I have been a long time fan of the M24 rifle. So why not do a project on it? There isn't a certain look that I want to achieve, just having some fun while exploring new techniques. Ill keep adding WIP images here until the project is done. Enjoy :D

Here is some high poly shots of the rifle so far. CC welcome!